Monday, November 12, 2012

Avoid Stormy Clouds -- and Outages

There are some easy steps to avoid outages from your cloud provider. Here are six...

- SLAs are the cornerstone of your protection. THink of them as your insurance policy.
- Spread risk around, by deploying among various providers.
- Data at rest should be protected -- by encryption.
- The right technology can mean success -- for example, go with a VM approach, or web services?
- Build to the strengths of the cloud, by leveraging providers' available services.
- Define metrics that assess your capacity needs will keep you from overages.

Understand what your provider is capable of, and the services they offer. Amazon's AWS, for example, can be structured to comply with in-shore data storage requirements, if you are a government customer. Google's app hosting is friendly for some languages, less so for others. Find the right tool for your needs, before launching your cloud migration strategy.

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