Saturday, October 21, 2023

Drone Delivery Coming to the EU … We Promise!

Amazon's drone delivery service, Prime Air, is expanding to the UK and Italy by the end of 2024. The service has already been successful in the US, and it plans to use existing distribution centers, eliminating the need for special drone hubs. The new MK30 drone can withstand various weather conditions and carry packages up to 5 pounds, promising deliveries in under an hour. It also features advanced obstacle-detection technology and reduced noise levels.

This expansion by Amazon reflects a global trend in drone delivery services, with companies like Walmart, Alphabet (Google's parent company), and Zipline also making strides in the industry. In Europe, Sweden has been at the forefront of technological and regulatory advancements in drone delivery, with startups like Aerit gaining operational permission for trials.

There have been experiments with medical drones, such as delivering medicine and equipment, which can be particularly valuable in emergencies when ground traffic is congested. Despite the promise of drone delivery, it still faces challenges related to public acceptance and safety concerns.

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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Fixing Broken Projects - Someone's Perspective

Poor communication lead to lack of alignment, misunderstandings and delayed deliveries. In fact, this pain is measurable: 30% of failed projects in IT organizations are failing because of poor communications according to the 2017 Pulse of the Profession at PMI.

Recent Advice to a Client — Case Study

In the dynamic landscape of business, opportunities often arise unexpectedly, presenting the chance to embark on transformative journeys. This case study delves into the strategic crossroads faced by a small but promising business in the IT services industry. With an annual revenue of $5,000,000, this entrepreneurial venture recognized the potential to achieve remarkable growth under the guidance of a holding company known for scaling businesses to new heights.

I proposed an outline for leading the discussion in a pivotal meeting between our subject business and the holding company, which boasts a portfolio of successful ventures in the same sector. The holding company's explicit preference for businesses with the potential to soar to a minimum of $50 million in revenue over 18-24 months.

Armed with a well-prepared pro-forma and comprehensive financial data, the business owners embarked on this journey with a blend of anticipation and curiosity. I recommended the following as a way top structure this crucial first meeting:

My recommendation was to state with providing a concise overview of the business, emphasizing its unique selling points and the sector in which it operates in. I advised the client to highlight the current annual revenue of $5m, showing that they’ve successfully established a foundation. Then, move into a more formal discussion (keep it brief and focused):

Growth Potential (1-2 minutes):

  • Stress an understanding of the acquirer’s  preference for businesses that can scale.
  • Present pro-forma numbers to demonstrate a clear growth trajectory that aligns with their goals. Highlight key growth drivers and realistic revenue projections.
  • Showcase strategies for achieving this growth, whether it's expanding market reach, introducing new products/services, or optimizing operations.

Why Us? (1-2 minutes):

  • Emphasize the team's expertise and dedication to the business.
  • Talk about the founder/owners’ passion for the industry and commitment to taking the business to the next level.
  • Mention any existing partnerships, customer loyalty, or unique assets that set the business apart.

Sell the Idea - Integration as a Subsidiary (1 minute):

  • Explain how the founder/owners’ envision the business fitting into their portfolio seamlessly.
  • Highlight the potential synergies between the business and their existing holdings.
  • Stress a willingness to collaborate and adapt to their operational strategies while maintaining the essence of what makes the target business successful.

Questions & Discussion:

  • Open the floor for questions and discussions.
  • Be prepared to address any concerns, such as risks or challenges.
  • Showcase your deep knowledge of your business and industry during this interactive session.


I closed with a reminder: Don't forget to thank them for their time and express your eagerness to move forward. Reiterate your excitement about the prospect of working together and scaling the business. Remember to be confident, concise, and passionate about your business. Be open to feedback and engage in a meaningful conversation during the meeting. Leave something like a "tear sheet" behind.