Monday, April 22, 2013

ZDNet Touts the Flexibility of SOA

ZDnet, in quoting a Forrester report, says:

By breaking down applications and systems into loosely coupled services, service oriented architecture has paved the way for enterprise architects to support smaller, more numerous, and even more "experiemental" projects within their organizations. One of the advantages SOA brings to organizations is the ability to abstract important parts of applications as reusable, standardized services that can be run in any and all connecting systems. The emergence of these flexible service layers means architects, developers and even business users can more readily put together new business workflows and processes without the need to rewire or rewrite underlying applications.

SOA means successful organizations are improving services by making them highly modular, releasing features early and independently -- in contrast to grouping them together in major releases -- and testing applications in production with a new generation of testing tools and techniques to ensure that features don't just run in the lab, they run right in the wild.

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