Friday, December 1, 2017

High speed wide area wireless data (at internet speeds) looks promising in S. Korean tests:

Last month, Huawei and LG U+ had announced completing dual-connectivity technology verification during a 5G trial in Seoul, providing 20Gbps downlink speeds by simultaneously linking two 5G base stations... Huawei will maintain its capability to provide competitive E2E 5G network products in 2018. LG U+ and Huawei will continue to conduct further research into 5G technologies and build a robust E2E industry ecosystem to achieve business success in the upcoming 5G era...

Claing the world's first at-scale 5G network test, the companies used a 5G "tour bus" to deliver 5G 4K IPTV and used a virtual reality (VR) drone to demonstrate data rates of between 20Mbps and 100Mbps at the LG U+ offices.

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