Friday, December 6, 2019

What Are the Biggest Cyber Risks in the Upcoming Year?

What are the expected trends in cyber security in the upcoming year? According to a report from Trend Micro--

  • Third-party libraries, container components and even remote workers represent a major supply chain risk to organizations as they head into a new decade.
  • Continued user misconfigurations will exacerbate cloud security challenges, while developers’ reliance on third-party code could expose countless organizations, it continued.
  • Shared container components containing vulnerabilities as exposing organizations to attacks across the IT stack.
  • Supply chain risk will extend to managed service providers (MSPs), especially those with multiple SMB customers.
  • Home and remote working environments are potential hotspots for supply chain attacks -- everything from weak Wi-Fi security in public workspaces to smart home challenges posed by unsecured smart TVs, speakers and digital assistants.

The security firm's 2020 predictions report, The New Norm, emphasizes the cloud as a likely attack objective, as near-do-wells  focus efforts on code injection attacks to obtain sensitive information — either directly or via third-party incursions.

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