Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Use Disruptive brainstorming to improve your brainwaves...

Disruptive brainstorming is a technique to apply constraints to creative thinking using a fast paced, high energy approach – to achieve better ideas, more quickly.

1. Preparation – For teams working remotely, establish a collaborative document using tools like Trello or Confluence and have Disrupt cards ready for sharing.

In face-to-face settings, use a whiteboard or large paper along with sticky notes and markers. Bring printed Disrupt cards. (15 minutes)

Clearly define the brainstorming topic.

Prepare a document with relevant research, sharing it with the team a few days before the session.

✏️Tip: Select a Topic

Identify a problem, a process for improvement, or an issue impacting customers.

2. Introduction – At the beginning of the meeting, communicate to the team:Objective: Generate a maximum number of ideas.

Emphasize the importance of an open-minded approach and validate all ideas.

Clarify that the focus is on idea generation, not judgment. 

Highlight that the meeting aims to produce actionable ideas. (5 minutes)

3. Brainstorming – Divide the team into two groups for multiple rounds of brainstorming.

If the session is virtual, use the breakout room feature in video conferencing.

Set a 10-minute timer for free-flowing brainstorming.

Ideas are added one by one to the chosen platform (template, whiteboard, or sticky notes), with discussions for each idea as it's contributed.(10 minutes)

4. Evaluation – Reassemble the teams; have each team evaluate and remove ideas from the other team's board. Focus on eliminating ideas that appear unattainable, unsupported, or unrelated to the main objective. This step involves a generous trimming of ideas to make room for new and potentially more viable ones. (10 minutes)

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