Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taking a punch - what do do when your SAAS gets DOSed

Even Bluedog has come under fire, albeit years ago and by a so-called 'script-kiddy' (luckily, not a Denial-of-Service DOS attack), but malicious attacks can afflict anyone with a presence on the WWW. Luckily, we have hardened our permitter, have fail-overs in place, multi-faceted/multi0layered security, and monitor our exposed systems. Here's an excellent white paper on absorbing a cyber-attack, a means of triaging when your systems are under assault...

Software services that are essential for mission success must not only withstand normal wear and tear, stresses and accidental failures, they also must endure the stresses and failures caused by malicious activities and continue to remain usable.

The concept of entrapping / encasing the intruder is not new -- think of the castle barbican murder-hole set-up: the enemy breaches the gate, portcullis, etc., and runs into the narrow hall leading to the castle courtyard. Except, bowmen are waiting to shower arrows upon them from narrow slits high up on the walls.

Get the white paper here...

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