Friday, September 23, 2011

This is typical project charter for a prototype

For a client, this prototype was proposed (in the form of a project charter):

This project is to develop a prototype 3-tiered application to provide back-office support for the processing of incoming letters and accompanying payments. for this project, BlueDog will convert the existing FileMaker 5.5 database to a SQL version (deployed under FrontBase but the SLQ code will generate the entities in any SQL92 compliant database such as Oracle or MySQL).
Further, we will develop an HTML interface for data entry, data management, and reporting purposes. With Bob Kelley’s input, we will modify the current work flow to accommodate anticipated work process changes.
BlueDog will incorporate its pre-built libraries for interface, security, and report writing. the customer shall own the MySQL database, the SQL code to generate the entities, and any SQL scripts for populating the tables once we are ready for data migration. If this pilot is deemed successful, BlueDog will endeavor to enter into a long term relationship to provide further application development, technical evaluations of hosting vs. in-house services, and other services as requested.

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