Saturday, January 21, 2012

What cool tech is on the horizon? Probably last year's...

What's in store for us tech-no-philes in the coming months? A refreshed iPad, some kind of flying car, and...

At CES 2012, PCs grabbed more of the spotlight than they have for years by focusing all their energy around one new concept: Ultrabooks. Intel, Microsoft, and all the major PC makers were proudly pushing a new and revolutionary PC: the Ultrabook. Yawn. MacBook Air. There, I said it.

That's not to say Intel didn't come up with some cool ideas. Glass palm rest that combines touch screen stuff (I know, sorta like the present Magic Pad). Voice recognition a la Siri. It's not that this stuff isn't cool -- it's a bit derivative, that's all.

But none of these 'innovativ'e concepts demonstrated by Intel at CES 2012 were available in any of the Ultrabooks that were being unveiled or promoted. As a result, most of what was being shown off at CES was just a bunch of thin laptops.

When the first MacBook Air came out and TechRepublic did its in-depth Cracking Open of the device. TechRepublic’s Head Technology Editor Bill Detwiler said, “This is the future of laptops.”

So, the new year in cool PC tech looks to be, well, fairly mundane. To mis-quote an 80s song, I want my, I want my, I want my AppleTV.

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