Sunday, February 19, 2012

It is the user interface that makes for the "experience"...

How we interact with technology increasingly comes down to the user interface… the idea of the touch screen carries this to the extreme. This is an excellent blog post capturing the degree to which Steve Jobs "got it"… [John Gruber]

The knobs on a radio might be the first modern attempt at a user interface that simplified and focused the end experience. Or maybe the steering wheel, pedals, etc., in a car? The controls for the technology, where the human factor "rubber" meets the tool (the road)…

It is clear that crappy user interface design is too common, not just with computer applications -- we see it every day with with website designs. With the wholesale rush to cloud computing applications, new mobile devices, and so-called hybrid apps on the desktop but connected to the cloud, the plethora of UI designs expands every day.

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