Monday, February 13, 2012

Post-Weekend Update - Get Outside Already….

This weekend with my kids was 'get the gear ready' weekend, in anticipation of Spring. Is it too early to think about the great outdoors?

It should come as no surprise that being outside helps you, physically and emotionally. Green space is linked to less stress, as this article reports. And, according to Karjalainen and associates at the Finnish Forest Research Institute, one of the most enjoyable activities around can reduce stress and depression, ease muscle tension, counter attention deficit disorder, even calm an erratic heart: a walk in the woods. Ms Karjalainen explains, "Many people feel relaxed and good when they are out in nature. But not many of us know there is also scientific evidence about the healing effects of nature."

So my kids and I are prepping for the first hike/camping trip of 2012, but, in the mean time, we're getting the dog outside to air her out, and our own brains. I encourage you to do the same!

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