Friday, April 6, 2012

Guest blogger says, "Try searching the web for a better deal on Content!"

Guest written by our friend Solomon Thompson
When you are looking for a television cable company it is really important to scour the internet for all the good deals you can find. You will see that there are a million sites out there talking about how they have the best deal or the cheapest connection fee or the most channels etc. I decided to go with about a year ago and I have been really happy with the service and the extras that come along with it. I thought I would share that even though all these other companies may claim to be the best and the cheapest there is no way that they can compare to the whole package that I found with Direct TV. I have all the channels I could possibly watch as well as multiple DVR boxes for the different televisions in my home to record multiple shows at once. I also love the mobile feature where you can schedule or edit any recordings right from your mobile smart phone. Go to their site and check it out for yourself.

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