Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Using A.I. To confirm an evolutionary trait, and bring us closer to Robot Overlords

Students from Trinity College (Dublin) have crafted a neural network model to demonstrate one intelligence theory — that human intelligence evolved based on the need for social teamwork and indexing a variety of social relationships and states. The experiment involved programming a base group of 50 simulated 'brains' which were required to participate one of two classical game theory dilemmas — the Prisoner's Dilemma or the Snowdrift game.

Upon completion of either game, each 'brain' produced 'offspring' asexually, with 'brains' that made more advantageous choices during the games programmed to have a better chance to reproduce. After 50,000 generations, the model showed that as cooperation increased, so did the intelligence of the programmed brainstorm.

Read about it here...

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