Monday, July 2, 2012

Surface tablet Less Zune, more "meh"?

With business-class apps such as Numbers or Pages (or Office?) on iOS, why would the iPad not be a suitable device for general business use?

Plenty of business apps on iPad show up regularly in the App Store. I'm fond of writing, so I use a Bluetooth keyboard/case combination like this.

Getting a finished product from an iPad for me means an Acrobat PDF. With the NeXT-era display postscript legacy, NeXTStep, cough cough, OS X, ahem, iOS does plenty with PDFs.

To all those waiting for MS to unseat Apple, it doesnt take an MBA to figure out: the App Store is the iPad secret sauce. Integrated hardware is the Apple trademark. Gesture-based navigation is the legacy of Hartmut Essslinger/frog.

-- posted from one of my six iPads, three iPhones, two Newton MessagePads, or my obsolete Nokia web appliance

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