Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make Stuff, Don't Waste Energy on Fighting

San Francisco Chronicle says it best: stop wasting energy (and lots of money. Lots.) on court cases. Invest in the future.
The problem is that neither company seems to have any idea what to do with its riches. The very act of cash hoarding suggests as much. If either company had projects deemed worthy by corporate execs holding the purse strings, the money would be spent.

The author continues,
Rather than invest in technology that might be commercially viable a decade or two down the road, Apple seems content for now to amass an ocean of cash, defend its 50 percent profit margins with an army of lawyers, and focus on incrementally adjusting - and protecting with a bulwark of broad patents - its current product designs. Sleek and user-friendly designs to be sure, but society-changing technological innovations comparable to the transistor or disk drive they are not.
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