Monday, August 6, 2012

Save Steve!

I am worried... Very concerned... The Woz is in trouble, he's on the Cinnabon Express Bus headed for heart attack city. He needs an intervention.
His views on the Cloud are, well, a little simplistic.

It doesn't seem like the Woz can tell the difference between consumer-oriented cloud application services (iCloud, Dropbox, Gmail) and infrastructure services such as Amazon AWS and Google App - which actually provide 'economies-of-scale' benefits over owning and managing one's own servers. This is particularly true if the consumer is a small business with no IT department.

Woz, scale back on the sugar, Trans fats, and hype. The cloud is only as evil as the companies that build/provide the services.

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  1. Ok, my friend over at does have a point -- There are so many benefits of the cloud, until you get hacked, hard. Over the weekend, Wired writer Mat Honan noticed that his iPhone went blank; within a few hours, he realized that his phone, laptop, and iPad had all been remotely wiped. He had lost access to Gmail and someone was using his Twitter account to tweet offensive content.