Thursday, October 11, 2012

One effective way to tackle document workflow headaches -- Ademero Document Management Software

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In my experience (as readers of Intellectual Capitalist may recall), three major challenges confront the enterprise with regard to document management: the ability to collect, then migrate, and finally deliver large-scale document management to end users. In my opinion, a solution from Ademero addresses this quite handily. In reviewing their offering, I have found tha Content Central does a great job of tackling this tripartite calling, resulting in a kind of "one-stop shop" for document management. Ademero's Content Central Ademero_ContentCentralfixedsets the bar for document management and workflow solutions, where users access and interact with the application with whatever preferred web browser is handy. All document interaction (from upload, meta data classification, etc.) occurs within this browser-based interface. I like that users can interact with Ademero's offering for capturing, indexing, and retrieving documents in a familiar environment. The workflow aspect -- from approving and distributing documents -- maintains this consistency.

Within an organization, the content and documents, made up of various types, can be categorized as incoming and outgoing (in process or completed), coming in as paper or electronic files. For many organizations, such documents include letters, notices, legal documents, faxes, payments, standard surface mail and electronic mail. Even emails may have attached items. Sources of such documents are  clients or customers, constituents, end users, reporting sources, financial institutions and governmental agencies at the local, state and federal levels.document management software

Traditional methods of storing and managing documents are the ubiquitous filing cabinet for paper documents and servers for file shares. Let's not forget e-mail systems for electronic documents. But these methods are a source of headache due to the inefficient use of physical and virtual space, the inability to quickly search documents, or locate ones based upon some ad hoc selection criteria (such as author name, client, or other contents)/ This has proven, in the 21st century, to be a flawed and inefficient process to capture, store and retrieve the documents.

I've long worked with designing and implementing document management systems can eliminate these problems and provide the capability to transform work flow into automated processes. Scanning paper documents into electronic formats, convert the archaic retrieval of documents into a simple but robust search mechanism and leverage existing data management process, systems and tools housed within large organizations' information technology infrastructure is one of my areas of expertise.

I have long been a proponent of the advantage of a browser-based application, including quick deployment, access and audible access, and remote connectivity. With Ademero, administrators install Content Central on a single Microsoft Windows server or across multiple servers for performance. After user accounts have been defined, users connect from available Windows, Mac, or Linux computers on the network.

Inside Content Central users can create documents using PDF-based electronic forms. Documents and other files can be captured from document scanners, network folders, e-mail accounts, or user interaction. It is a huge advantage for Content Central in that it converts scanned images into fully searchable PDF files, and all documents can be retrieved using content keywords and other index information based. Because this is based on the type of document, users are assured of flexibility in their search, a key need Ademero satisfies. I found that the app uses integrated e-mail and fax tools -- this enables teams to distribute documents without requiring external helper software. A powerful workflow engine can manage information behind the scenes based on system events or schedules.

I think it's worthwhile to condiser Ademero for those readers interested in content or document management suitable for the enterprise, so check out Ademero.Ademero_logofixed As every feature included in the price-to-play, there aren't any confusing add-on modules to tackle. A fine way to deliver document management software, without a doubt.



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