Sunday, March 10, 2013

Silly Americans, You Already ARE Socialist

I aim to be more on the laissez-faire / free markets kind of guy, but I do believe there are plenty of people who need our collective help. Isn't that why we have government? To set the rules of the road, to make sure the needs of the few are taken above the needs of the many.

This article makes a reasonable argument: when one evaluates the data on: 1) federal business regulation, 2) federal and state government subsidies, 3) corporate taxation, and 4) the level of “economic freedom” that exists in the United States, the palette paints an economic landscape with much greater government interference in business than the myth of “cowboy capitalism” would suggest. A factual analysis of these four areas reveals a modern-day America that is much closer to a European socialist-style economy – like Germany, Denmark, or Sweden – than to a capitalist frontier. And by some measures of government intervention, the United States is actually much more “European” than any country in Europe today.

Food for thought, this lovely Spring morning.

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