Friday, March 8, 2013

Springtime (well, meteorological spring) Means Cycling!

Today's info-graphic comes courtesy of Green Living,

Of course, DC boasts some of the longest commute times. Why not enjoy the benefits of cycling, as this report summarizes, to get the most out of spring?
I love being out in the fresh air. Most bicycle paths are placed near trees which provides oxygen. Being out in the sunshine also provides the body with Vitamin D. And many studies have shown cycling improves cardiovascular fitness by up to 7 percent. Some experts say cycling can cut your risk of coronary heart disease in half. You can even create an interval training routine by pedaling faster and then taking a break at regular intervals.
With long travel time comes more stress -- and other studies show driving to work causes a tremendous amount of stress. People who have a long commute end up gaining weight. If your commute is long, you will just get in better shape by commuting on bike.
Cycling, I've found, has a meditative effect that relaxes me -- although I have to pay attention to traffic and safety, bicycling does allow my mind to wander.
When you commute to work by bike, you are guaranteed to have two exercise sessions a day. Lack motivation? You still have to ride your bike home at the end of the day. One study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed biking is associated with less weight gain in middle-aged women. Riding a bike burns plenty of calories, although exactly how many depends on pace.

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