Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Reason to Choose the iPhone

Why choose iPhone over Blackberry for enterprise email...

With RIM's recent blackout, vendor lock-in is again shown to be problematic. Relying on their platform has caused numerous problems -- including having RIM decide if your sensitive data should be accessible to a potentially hostile Foriegn governments.

And with options such as AT&T's 'toggle service,' staff can even use their own iPhones for business.
"Rather than forcing employees to carry multiple devices for personal and corporate usage, Toggle will enable users to create a personal account on their device that allows them to freely browse the internet, send SMS messages to friends and consume multimedia content including music and videos.
A second, more secure account that can be managed by a company’s IT department will enable users to run company business apps and send and receive company documents. Companies signing up for the service will be able to selectively allow employees with access to corporate data depending on their responsibilities. They will also be able to add, update or delete business applications on their employees’ personal devices and remotely wipe corporate information on the device if it is lost or stolen."

Having the iPhone/iPad connect to *your* email server gives the enterprise total control over this important communications channel.

== update 13 Oct 2011 ==

The Blackberry outage continues, and frustration is leading customers to consider alternatives.

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