Monday, October 17, 2011

Knowledge workers continue to evolve -- and demand tools that are evolving with them

In my experience, those in the general workforce are, increasingly, engaged in so-called "knowledge work." But this model is not seen as business critical in other businesses, particularly services. I have found that many knowledge workers have had to put up with weakly designed enterprise application. Many decision-makers have found that getting by with legacy tools is just not good enough when it comes to social collaboration for enterprise use.

Clearly (and in hindsight, with Steve Jobs now gone) the Mac and the iPhone/iPad have not only had a profound impact on the uptake of smart phones, the mass dissemination of PC technology to the masses, and a huge impact on knowledge workers, who are increasingly mobile and teleworking. In fact, the PC and phone industries are now converging as a result of the iPhone.

My mantra -- simplicity invites adoption -- supports social collaboration. A "simplified" tool is one that is suited for its purpose -- it has all the properties that are needed, but no more, no less. Attaining simplicity is not just a matter of reduction, but rather about obtaining maximum effect with minimum means.

You can't go wrong absorbing what the master of simplicity has to say.

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