Monday, October 3, 2011

Applying agile development in an incremental approach to SOA

I've talked previously about Bluedog's process for identifying business processes that are suitable for web-services-enablement. This follows an "agile" approach, of course. The main component of this is to do a proof of concept or some other kind of “Pilot” Run to prove the selected solution works. As a customer, a standard demo that will show how to “manage or distribute documents” is not relevant (unless you are magazine publisher). With the knowledge worker technology Bluedog builds and employs, a modern service oriented architecture allows for quick data conversion and has to be used in the process of building and deploying a system. It is very important to see which solutions can provide best for the organization. And that is much easier if business customers are presented their own data during the demo, if possible. This will reveal a clearer picture of system features and additional functionality required. At the same time, by learning the data, we get a much better understanding of the business of the organization.

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