Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why an iPad is in your (enterprise) future

When considering how your workforce will be more productive in the coming years, the iPad should be on your list of 'must have' technologies. Why? First off, it's purpose built to have a responsive interface and a lightweight form factor. This exceptional portability means the tool will be easily carted around, and the instant accessibility (no boot time) encourages the use of this tablet. This will open the door to making more information -- say, from an executive information system -- accessible, converting enterprise data into easily digestible information. Think about the fuel gauge in your car -- glance at it, and you know how much remains in the tank to get you where you are going.

Another consideration that makes the iPad tablet a must-have tool is the concept of Collaboration Two-Point-Oh. While the meeting, and the virtual meet enabled by video conference or Skype, is the go-to collaboration tool, social collaboration (think "FaceBook for Business") is fast becoming the avenue of choice to facilitate team work. Of course, Bluedog's Workbench "Always on the Job!" fills this need nicely, and its iPad client app works well to demonstrate the value of Collaboration Two-Point-Oh. Clearly technology won't replace human interaction, but think of this platform as the graphite lubricant to the gears of business.

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