Monday, December 19, 2011

App overload - why don't I use the 328 apps I've downloaded in the last year?

It seems I'm not alone -- while the App Store experience is one of the compelling reasons people love the iPhone, we get overloaded with impulse downloads. I don't even count the plethora of games I've snagged for my kids (on their own iPhones or on mine); often times I'll read a description of some cool sounding app, and want to try it for myself. Case in point, the "find me a left" app from Uber. A cool concept, one I hope helps drive down the cost of a taxi while increasing utilization of public transport. Yes, taxis are a form of public transport, leveraging the free market (to some extent, unless cities overly restrict licenses).

So my new year's resolution (ok, not my *only* one) is to slim down. Slim down my [ ] app inventory. And my waistline. Is there an app for that? This is an excellent summary of similar peoples' experiences, want to share yours in the comments below?

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